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“And We Fucked That B Until I Broke Her” Claims OJ Simpson About Kris Jenner Talking About Their Alleged Steamy Hot-Tub Hookup Leave a comment

“And We Fucked That B Until I Broke Her” Claims OJ Simpson About Kris Jenner Talking About Their Alleged Steamy Hot-Tub Hookup

Page Six- O.J. Simpson bragged which he had steamy intercourse with Kris Kardashian, his most readily useful friends spouse, throughout a 1990s hot-tub tryst that ruined their marriages and friendships, claims the disgraced footballers former manager.

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Simpson said he along with his Nicole that is then-wife Robert and Kris Kardashian, had been in a Jacuzzi one evening while vacationing together, relating to Norman Pardo in the brand new documentary, Who Killed Nicole?

Nicole and Robert switched in, making O.J., then 44, and Kris, then 36, alone within the bubbling water. Kris and Nicole had been friends that are also good.

O.J. stated he stood up, pulled their shorts down and, Ill provide you with just what he stated: Her eyes bugged away from her mind and I also fked that B her, Pardo recounts on camera in a segment previewed exclusively by The Post until I broke.

Well alrighty then! Apparently OJs manager is making the rounds telling everybody that OJ bragged about his attach with Kris Jenner that presumably were held in a hot spa UPON Rob and Nicole went back again to their spaces. Rumors about Kris and OJ starting up have been in existence ever since individuals were Khloe that is saying was daughter. Now our company is getting real information about the affair that is alleged OJs supervisor. The partners were chilling out, Nicole and Rob left, after which OJ pulled straight down their jeans and Kris had been therefore amazed in what OJ had been using the services of that her eyes bugged away from her mind then they fucked into the tub that is hot Rob and Nicole had been appropriate within the household! Now this will really very well be false information considering it is coming from OJs camp nonetheless it wouldnt be astonishing if you ask me at all if OJ had been the sort of man to pull straight down their jeans showing down their cock whenever his wife actually leaves the area. The tale gets also crazier though

The so-called stand that seekingarrangements is one-night longstanding effects for the four glamorous pals.

From exactly exactly what Im understanding, from exactly exactly what O.J. explained, every thing ended up being great up until [the] little fling that they had, says Pardo, 55, whom claims he handled Simpson from 1999 to 2012 and contains 70 hours of videotape of their previous buddy.

The fallout through the hot-tub incident damaged each of their relationships, contended Pardo.

The Kardashians divorced shortly later in very early 1991 together with Simpsons split by early 1992.

Pardo claims Simpson told him the affair that is alleged caused Kris now known as Kris Jenner, the 63-year-old matriarchal manager of Kim, Khloe and company real pain.

Simpson said they had to just simply take her into the medical center at two or three within the Pardo continues in the movie morning. She stumbled on [O.J.s] space and stated, me into the medical center?Can you take He said, No. Have Rob get it done.

OJ Simpsons cock ended up being therefore big that Kris Jenner needed to go right to the medical center. Thats what Im getting with this tale. we reckon thats exactly what he implied as he said until I broke her. Literally I fucked that B. Im not gonna lie I tossed up in my own lips a little at that phrase. And uhhhh no shit the couples didnt go along after this. OJ Simpson simply banged their most readily useful friends spouse who was simply buddies with OJs spouse. That most likely isnt gonna look at well utilizing the fam. (should this be real)

Kris Jenner has rejected ever having any intimate relations with OJ Simpson and can probably continue steadily to reject it following this tale. There is certainly the one thing we realize for certain and thats that OJ Simpson is really a dude that is bad that knows should this be real or otherwise not.

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